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      熱門關鍵詞: 射流機組 | 空氣處理機組 | 新風系統OEM | 直膨式空調機組 | 組合式空氣處理機組





      Dezhou Ruinisen Environmental technology Co.,LTD(China),Founded on February 1, 2006, is located in shandong central air conditioning industrial park, the city of air conditioning in China.It is close to beijing-fuzhou expressway in the east, beijing-shanghai railway in the west, qingyin expressway in the south, and "jiuda tianqu, shenjing gateway" in the north with convenient and developed transportation. It has become the main industrial base of central air-conditioning terminal manufacturing and ventilation products in China. The company integrates r&d, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service, takes scientific and effective service purpose as the guide, takes the needs of the majority of users as the goal, and has a strong research and development team as the foundation, constantly strengthens the enterprise survival concept and adjusts the industrial structure to build brand strength, and lays a solid foundation for long-term development of the enterprise. Our products cover campus fresh air series, home decoration series, commercial series, large space fresh air purification series.It is suitable for long time living in family, school, kindergarten, office, hospital ward, nursing home or public environment with poor air quality.Large space fresh air purification series mainly for food plants, clean workshops, closed farming houses and other places. Since its inception, renisen has set a high standard of development strategy, advocated high-tech as the fulcrum, high efficiency and energy saving society, high-quality customer service, and focused on building a century-old enterprise and international brand. Hold good faith based, gather ten thousand DE zhiyuan.Integrity is the fundamental survival of enterprises, renisen is willing to work with customers and friends at home and abroad to create a better future.

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